Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spotlight on Elliot

There are several series of pictures that need to be blogged featuring Elliot...and there are none that feature Kendra.

If she complains about this when she gets older, I'll explain that this was the time in her life that she ran from the camera or pulled stunts like this.

He's a very fun, very sweet little boy.

When I'm up with him in the night (which actually happens fairly regularly), I tell him about how sad I was while we waited for him, how happy I was the day we found out he was coming, and how very, very much worth the wait was to have him specifically.

Yes.  I speak to my 12-month-old like he's an adult.  Someday, he'll understand it.
Our beloved boy.

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Danielle said...

Such a cute, cute kid! And he seems to be a perfect mix of you and Grant!