Friday, November 12, 2010

Playing around

Kendra and I have a little game we play. I'll look at her and "run" out of the room and wait for her to find me. When she does, there's always lots of loves and tickles and giggles involved. Then after a few moments, she takes off for me to find her.

So, I give her a few seconds and then I take off and I always find this:

Or this:

Or this:

And we go on like that for quite a while...sometimes over 10 minutes (which is a lot of times back and forth through our little apartment, lemme tell ya).

But it's just so much darn fun.

I mean, you just have no idea how hard it is to stop when you see this:

And then you hear the musical little laugh that goes with it?

It's addictive.

While we were taking these pictures when we played we got this one, and it's totally my favorite!

And I understand if you're confused why I think that. I mean, this picture is out of focus, and it doesn't even have her whole face in it. But the reason I love it is because I'll always remember this moment. She's out of focus because she was running to come find me and I was having so much fun with her that I didn't get the camera up at the right second. It's only part of her because she raced toward me with her arms outstretched and wrapped them around my knees when she got to me, hugging me.

And that's when I knew it was time to stop taking pictures and start really playing with her. I'm pleased to report that while it was fun playing and taking pictures, it was an absolute ball to put the camera down and give her a great big love.

I love this Mommy stuff.


Belkycita said...

You are such a cute Mom!!
and she has the best "wide Open smile" EVER!!!
and I absolutely LOVE her dress

Lauren said...

This is too cute. Thanks for sharing these sweet moments. I spent hours reading my own blog last night and I wish I captured a few more moments like this. Love it.

Kristina said...

Oh my goodness that is the most adorable dress I've ever seen! Made even cuter by the cute little girl wearing it ;)