Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Extended family FUN

It's so rad to live in the same town as family.  Seriously.  It's soooo nice to get to go do fun things whenever we think of them.

A loooong time ago (a couple of weeks after we moved to town), we went hiking.  Our friendly little town is right in the thick of Appalachia, and the mountains that go with it (though it's sort of using the term "mountain" rather loosely...even I think so and I'm from Kansas for cryin' out loud).  In fact, the first thing we noticed when we drove into town was the largest mountain around staring up at us, Mount Nittany.  And it turns out that the trailhead is incredibly accessible, so we headed there on beautiful Saturday afternoon.

It was pretty fun stuff--and it was awfully pretty too.

Here's the view from the top:
Our own Happy Valley!
Yes, I know that the real Happy Valley is in Utah, but that's what they call it here, so I go with it.

Kendra handled the trip pretty well...until we tried to switch her off to Grant to give me a break.  He was only too willing but when we did she screamed and screamed and looked at me like, "YOU TRAITOR!" and was completely fine as soon as we put her back on my back.  Go figure.

At least she smiled for the camera.
So much fun!

Especially with a whole extra troop of Farnsworths to share it with!


Scott and Kel said...

How pretty!!! I wish we would have done ANYTHING outdoors this summer, besides spend the entire thing building a house :) Oh well, at least we have a house now...I'll take the trade. Gotta love the "Mommy's" kids right? I have a little boy that way...don't take it personal Dad's, we're just cooler and the children can recognize that at a very young age. HA!! Totally kidding!

Laura said...

Beautiful view!!! I'm so jealous you guys get to live close to Heber's family. We never have. We've been able to live close to Lybi and Rebecca (at different times) and it's ALWAYS nice to be close to family!!!