Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A picture-worthy event

From the day we found out (and much to my surprise, I might add) that Kendra was a girl, I went on a mad hunt for headbands and BIG flowers and bows to clip in them so that everyone who saw her would know without a shadow of a doubt that she was, in fact, a girl.

And I was quite successful in my quest--our archives are filled with pictures of just that (this is my favorite seller, if you've been on such a quest, you know how frustrating and holy-cow-expensive it can be).  To a point.  Because when Kendra hit 10 months, she started pulling those headbands off and then she'd pop those flowers right off the clips.


I fought it for a few weeks, but quickly gave up.  She just wasn't going to wear all these cute little headbands and her hair wasn't thick or long enough to sport them alone.

Now that her hair finally is  long enough, though, she still won't keep them in.  That's why there are never any pictures of Kendra wearing hair clips even though I have a whole bag of flowers, clips and bows in every color of the rainbow and more.  As soon as I pop it in, she pulls it out.  Then she gets a little crestfallen when she tries to replace it herself and it just ends up in her lap.

That's why this picture is so awesome.  She finally kept one in!  For like a whole half an hour!!

She's cute of her own accord, of course, but I love that little bow!

 Our sweet little girl...

And the obligatory Kendra-Classic shot...

Whether or not we keep it, there is at least one of these Open Mouth Smiles (and usually many) when we upload our pictures.

In every.  Single.  Set.

And we think they're awesome.


Meg said...

I love that your daughter does/did this too! Reese will not leave anything in hair, either. Because of this she gets mistaken for a boy a couple times a week.

Danielle said...

Ha ha! Love it. Kids have a way of messing up all your best plans. :)

Kristina said...

Yup the joys of little girls :D Alivia gave up having anything in her hair at 6 months. We've gone to the little tiny rubber bands. They are fairly hard for her to pull out and when she finally does it is extra awesome because her hair continues to stand straight up :D Also a friend of mine discovered that the rolls of no slip stuff that you can buy to line your cupboards makes a great no slip strip for hair clips. Just cut and hot clue :D Makes it a little harder for kids to pull the clips out. It works especially well with french clips :D
The greatest discovery that I made is that you can by the headbands for 99 cents / yard at Hobby Lobby ;)

Nicole said...

I'm impressed that she kept them on until she was 10 months! I could never keep headbands on my girls for more than a few hours (tops), they were always sliding and it was just annoying so as soon as I was able I did pigtails. But honestly who could ever mistake that cute face for a boy?!?!?!?

Belkycita said...

Hehehe, little stinker!!
SO CUTE and with as much personality as her parents :-)

Scott and Kel said...

You are very lucky...that little sweetie doesn't have a boy look about her, however, being the mother of a girl I know that your baby can have a bow in her hair, earrings in her ears and still be called a boy. :) Also, wish I would stop being the bearer of bad news, but my 3 year old leaves her ponies, bows, etc in less time now than she did when she was Kendra's age. Sorry. ;)