Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It doesn't seem like that long ago I was posting about Kendra sitting in the front of the cart instead of in her car seat, like a big girl.

Well, for whatever reason, for the past couple of months or so (about the time we moved), sitting in the front of cart just doesn't do it, anymore.  (She might even scream bloody murder most of the time if I so much as try to put her there.)

Nope, not this even bigger girl.  There will be no sitting in the front by Mommy.  LAAAAAAAME.  Apparently the view leaves much to be desired.

Apparently the prime spot for shopping is at the other end of the cart.


Laura said...

And then those over-zealous store employees rush up and try to baby-talk your child into sitting down ... as if you're not there ... and as IF you hadn't already tried!!! (Can you tell this happens at our local scene too?)

Kristina said...

Ha ha this made me laugh. And so did Laura's post. Mine just so happens to be the child that falls out of the card every. time. Actually only when we use the carts with the two-seater on the front. And only before they replaced them with ones that have working seat-belts. If I ever take Simeon by himself then he likes to climb back and forth from the front of the cart to the basket :D Oh the joys of shopping with kids.