Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our little engineer...

Well, if I were really on top of it, this would be the post where I put up pictures of our new place.  And while I've finally got it pretty clean (it was scary this morning...)...this ain't that post.

However, if it were, I might mention that there are a lot of pluses with this new place and very few minuses, especially compared to our two previous apartments.  But one of the very few features they both had that this one does not is a full-sized utility closet (in addition to a hall closet by the door).  In this one, it's quite small and significantly less deep so I've had to find other homes for all the stuff I used to stash in our "utility" closet.

Like the toilet paper we buy in Sam's Club quantities.

Having no other spot for it, I've just had to stack it behind and around the two toilets in our apartment.  And being huge quantities, that means there is a LOT of toilet paper stacked up around the toilets.

And since they're just out, they're free game for playing with, right?  Right.

She makes us SO proud!  :)


Kristina said...

That is amazing! She's got skillz :D Simeon just likes to put a roll on each skinny little arm :D

Belkycita said...

Hey at least she is not unrolling them all :-)

What a funny kid, I love the big face at the end, she could have fit that roll in her mouth if she kept it open longer :-)