Sunday, May 9, 2010

We're not dead!

Shew!  Time flies when you're having fun, dudn't?  And we sure have been having us some fun.

First, a pretty funny behavior that Kendra has displayed a few times.  She puts some food in her mouth and then before swallowing...she puts some more in...then some more...and shortly she looks like this:

It's hilarious.  But I worry that it's a choking hazard, so I keep a pretty sharp eye on her when she does this.

She's a pretty expressive little girl.  Here are some shots I took one morning when she woke up before I was finished working out.

We think it's awesome that she knows just what to do when we pull out the camera.  :)  That second face is one we see quite a bit...we're not sure what she means by it, but it cracks us up.

For the past couple of months I've taken up a part-time endeavor.  I've been buying small collection of DVDs on Craig's List and reselling them online.  It doesn't make much money, but it's fun.  And we get to watch some of the movies before we sell them, or even keep them occasionally.  Last week we picked up the largest selection yet.

How many DVDs is that, you ask?  Approximately 2.5 buttloads.  We've sold over 100 of them in the first week and turned a pretty decent sales slip.  Naaaice. 

And last, my favorites.  They speak for themselves.

Yeah.  We have some fun around here.


Danielle said...

That's a heckuvalota movies!! I can count the number of movies we've bought on one hand. :P

And I love those last pictures of you two. Adorable! And Kendra has almost got enough hair for pigtails!

Belkycita said...

Hey I want to buy some!
do you have a list?

Kristina said...

seriously that is sooooooooo many dvds! Cute pics too!

Scott and Kel said...

SO CUTE! I can't believe how much she is growing up. Her hair is getting long too! Holy DVDs, I love selling stuff online, it's so much fun to make money on stuff you aren't using anymore!