Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Museum of Science and Industry

We're trying to hit everything we'd like to about Chicago before we move--and those passes at the library are helping us do it for free.  We still ended up paying for parking again, but hey.

The Museum of Science and Industry was a pretty interesting place for us but there were two spots that held the attention of the littlest member of our troop.

First, the baby chick hatchery.  We had to circle the dang floor it was on several times before we finally found it but when we did, it was totally worth it.  There was one side that had a bunch of eggs and very freshly hatched or still hatching chicks but the other side housed a couple dozen very fluffy, very mobile, very cute baby chicks.

About once a minute, something very cool would happen.  A chick (a different one each time, I think) would run up to the glass and see Kendra.  She'd get a little surprised by it, but then the chick would stare her down and they'd have a little moment.  It was so cute!

In the bottom floor of the museum is an area called The Idea Factory.  It's basically a pretty awesome indoor playground sectioned off by age groups.  She had some fun there, too.

We had us some fun!  We love this stage--it's awesome to do stuff with her!

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