Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quality Investment

I think it's fairly accurate that every person/couple has one fun thing or hobby that they blow money on invest in.

For us, it's currently photography equipment. Well, for Grant. Sometimes I think he's nuts when he turns to me and tells me the next thing he wants to get. But then I see the pictures and it was just SO totally worth it because these pictures are forever. For. Ev. ER.

He's been obsessed with photography since he was an undergrad, but he's got a job now so he can actually do something with his obsession.

The results? See for yourself.

I love the face she's making in the last one, like she knows something we don't. :)

He also got me to sit down for a couple of shots:

We literally took these when I walked in the door from switching out the laundry from the washer to the dryer, it was over 90 degrees out and I was melting. My face was all sweaty, my hair is a mess, I'm wearing something out of the workout clothes drawer and I'm not even posing properly or bothering to sit with decent posture. The baby is only in there because she was getting into the set-up and messing things up so I pulled her up onto my lap.

But these look awesome! He did some photo editing with that last one to really make it pop, but I was blown away when I saw these.

Oh. My. Wow.

This is totally worth every last penny and trip to different stores to collect the stuff we used. Totally.


Kristina said...

very awesome :) If I were willing to expend effort to take pictures, I would totally want all the fancy gadgets and stuff like you have. I really love high quality pictures. But I also love whipping out my camera, turning it on and flashing my picture real quick before Simeon runs off to the next busy thing he has to do. Gotta be super quick with that kid :)

Peterson Family said...

Wow, those pictures really look good, so clear and you can just tell the quality is so good. Just when I thought Kendra couldn't look any cuter!!! I REALLY want one now, I love pictures. We have been spending a lot on doing all this new stuff to our house but someday I want to "invest" in an amazing camera too, I'm way jealous! Could there be a better investment than capturing little miss Kendra's adorable faces?!?!

Belkycita said...

LOL!!! that last one of the set of only Kendra is just awesome!
we're on the same boat, except David likes nature better then crazy little people.
I wonder why?...

Michelle said...

Hmm... maybe Grant will have to take some pictures of my kids while I'm there!