Thursday, February 11, 2010

Post from New Mexico

Well, I did get all my dishes, packing and errands done in plenty of time. Getting to the airport was quite the adventure, and our flight was delayed because a storm blew into town that afternoon, but we made it to New Mexico safe and sound.

And our road trip to Arizona was short, but very, very sweet. Of course, we'll post more on that after we get home.

Kendra has been SUCH a good trooper--a flight that didn't take off until almost her bedtime and then 16 hours in a car all within four days...she's cried a bit but we feel like we've had it pretty good with her. We've also had to wake her up before she was ready almost every single day we've been gone, she's been such a good sport!

As we pulled down the final stretch of road coming back from Arizona, I started to feel not so hot...and I was up most of the night making frantic trips to the bathroom (I ended up just camping out on the sofa next to the door of the bathroom off of the family room) because of stomach bug Archie and I both picked up, though thankfully no else seems to have. Those hardy Richardson immune systems!

But I realized there were a couple of videos I posted to YouTube that I never got around to posting here. This first one seems almost obsolete, but Kendra's walking has really taken off on this trip, in part because of more time going by and in part being surrounded by cousins and second cousins all showing her how. (Thank you, Simeon!)

This next one, however, is a real gem. Though she's gotten a bit better handle on it since this video was taken about a week ago, Kendra has had a hard time figuring out the best way to go somewhere and take something with her...

So there's a little something to tide all of Kendra's adoring fans over until we get home and post the details of our fun, fun, fun (stomach flu notwithstanding--but hey I've probably lost weight since nothing stays in me and I have absolutely zero appetite, right?) trip out West.

And if anyone hears about any job that Grant might be qualified for in the Albuquerque or Mesa/Phoenix area, please let us know where to send his resume. We would totally move out here in a heartbeat.


Kristina said...

Ah her little scoot is awesome! I hope you are all feeling better tomorrow! We really missed not being able to hang out with you today :(

Michelle said...

If you moved to ABQ, you'd live by me! (Or you will in about a year) Has he tried USAJobs? It's how civilians get hired on military bases. Like ones in ABQ or PHX.

Belkycita said...

Come on!! are you telling me Grant hasn't safe enough to retire already?!!
I mean, he had to! he ate tortillas and cheese microwaved for a couple of years in college!!