Monday, August 17, 2009

Narcisism much?

This probably isn't the post you were expecting because, yes, we did move. Yes, we're still in Chicago. No, we're not in a house (do NOT get me started on what my amazing cousin-in-law Danielle so accurately describes, "this craptastic market"). But we ARE in a new bigger and cheaper apartment, in a new neighborhood, in a new ward and stake--it's quite an adventure! If you'd like to see pictures of it empty, you can click here. I'm taking this little break from unpacking so we're not ready for the "official" and moved-in picture shoot yet. You'll just have to come back later.

But, we try not to disappoint our surprisingly large following with long absences! We wanted to show you some more funniness of Kendra. We took this video a few minutes after we posted the last one last week.

No, we don't just sit her in front of the TV and have her watch it. We don't hide her from it, though and let it continue running even if she's awake and playing on her mat while we're watching something.

But I do set her in my lap and turn on a video for five minutes about once a week or so to clip her fingernails (I can't believe they grow that fast, but if I get lazy about it, she totally claws her face and there are scratches on it, poor thing).

We've been playing in front of a mirror every day since she was born, so I think she totally recognizes herself in videos and in pictures when Grant's screen saver pops up, which is solely pictures of her. She cracks us up.


Jacqueline said...

I am sure that is what our face looks like when we watched it too. Except we oohed and aahed more. Such a doll.

Kristina said...

Simeon is the same way. He LOVES watching videos of himself (or the webcam) more than anything else.

Danielle said...

If I was that cute, I'd love watching videos of myself too. :) And love the new apartment.

P.S. A house we put an offer on finally accepted. Not "the one" we were waiting for, but a house nonetheless. Wish us luck!

Michelle said...

OK, having just gone through the house buying process, I'm really curious what happened! You gotta post the story!

Peterson Family said...

LOL, that is so funny! Kaydence has always been the same way, videos of herself are her FAVORITE! A couple in our ward was letting Kaydence play with their phone and she just wanted him to take pictures of her and look at them, she has a vanity problem already ;)
Kendra is so cute, I love how enthralled she is with the video! SOOOO cute!
Oh and I love your apartment, especially the hard wood floors! I think its great that your not getting in a hurry to buy a home but it is hard, we just got super lucky with our home but I think that's because the Lord knew I wouldn't be patient enough to wait