Sunday, August 30, 2009

Banana Oatmeal Facial

We've been heavy on the videos lately, but the video of this seemed to capture it much better than the picture.

I love being a member of the Mommy Club. Swapping war stories of child-rearing is so fun and helps me feel so deliciously normal. A few weeks ago I was having a Mommy Club pow-wow with some really fun Mommies I know and one of them told me a story from a few years back when her husband was the Nursery Leader at church (Nursery is the name of the Sunday School program for children 18 months through 3 years old). One week one of the teachers didn't show up, and when they got home they read a last-minute email the teacher had sent explaining her absence. Apparently, she had decided to give herself a banana oatmeal facial but it got too messy for her to be able to make it to church (even though Nursery begins almost an hour and a half into church services). Clearly, this woman didn't have any children at the time and didn't realize that banana and oatmeal facials happen all. The. Time.

Actually, we should have taken some video of me too, because some of it ended up on my face as well...

I'm sure all the members of the Mommy Club will understand.

For best results, click on the picture to enlarge.


Kristina said...

Yes, if we can change our kids clothes three times, and give them an impromptu sponge bath and still make it for most of sacrament meeting, then surely that woman could have made it to nursery :) Cute story, Cute little girl, cute oatmeal face :)

Danielle said...

Awesome! Who knew that being such a messy eater was also good for your skin? I may start dribbling my food all over myself too... maybe.