Saturday, August 22, 2009

Feedin' Time

Well, we moved into full swing with the baby food. Oatmeal, rice cereal, peas, squash, carrots, you name it. Kendra munches them all with enthusiasm. I think this girl also likes the mess just a little.
She puts her hands in her mouth just as you put the spoon in. Fun times! We were having a field day with it because it's so fun. However, it turns out that she likes food a lot more than milk, and she was completely willing to be weaned. In fact, she pretty much decided she was done drinking. That didn't make Mommy and Daddy happy...babies need those milky nutrients, not to mention water. So we have pretty much moved away from the food so when she gets hungry she gets milk again. We still feed her grown up food (that is, veggies and carbs) every day, but not as much as she wants. We thought that was a good compromise.

And then there's her special treat, chewing on plastic things

Actually they don't have to be plastic things. She will bite anything she finds, including Mommy and Daddy's fingers. Everyone keeps saying that's because she's teething. If fact, it's become kind of a joke that any time she gets fussy we say she must be teething, but there's no real evidence of that. Although she's growing at the rate of a normal person (or even a large person) her teeth age is pretty young. Looks like we might have a Farnsworth-style know, breaking the 70 pound barrier in high school, hitting puberty around the time you go to college.

But teeth aside, her development has been really impressive. She rolls around the house. Not sure she has the idea of crawling yet, but whatever she can do to get from where we put her to where she can find things to put in her mouth is good with her. She's so huggable and kissable, we just eat her up.
By the way, even though this is a picture of Ashley and her, Grant wrote this blog. Honestly, you don't want me in there ruining the picture. :)


Jacqueline said...

Absolutely love the picture of Ashley and Kendra. You lucky man.

Belkycita said...

Oh boy! they are even more gorgeous together!!
Grant, did you take that picture?

Archie said...

This baby sure has her mothers eyes! Beautiful! I think we don't have to worry about "failure to thrive" with Kendra. She is as healthy looking baby as I have ever seen. You must be doing something right.

I take exception to the idea that we don't want to see Grant's picture with Kendra. I DO! Grant is still my Boy and I like seeing him in the picture. Get some of the pictures with you in them Grant!

Danielle said...

Justin didn't get his first teeth until he was 11 months, so for months before I worried that every whine meant he was cutting teeth. Now I'm surprised when my kids get teeth earlier than that. My mom always said that if you got your teeth late, you had strong teeth. That's probably not true, but it still makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

And I agree with Archie, we need to see more pictures of you in there too, Grant!

Kristina said...

Very cute picture of Ashely and Kendra. She doesn't have to have teeth breaking through to be feeling teething pain. They start to feel pressure in their gums as the teeth start to grow way below the gums. It also makes it painful to suck, with may be one reason why she doesn't want her milk (or it could just be the solids). But anytime Simeon had a new set of teeth come in he wasn't very interested in drinking. He would chew on the bottle instead of suck on it (one reason why we stopped nursing and went to the bottle lol). Anyway, She's definitely a healthy little girl so whatever you are doing is working alright. She sure has a cute smile.

Peterson Family said...

Hey the messier the better in my book! Kendra knows whats up! I prefer good messy food next to water any day!