Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Going to the Zoo

My parents bought us a wonderful and thoughtful Christmas present this year: a membership to the Fort Worth zoo.  We immediately took advantage of these delightful Texas winters to go check it out.

It was just about the perfect zoo: lots of great animals and scenery but not so big that the walk from one place to another makes us want to go home early.  We had several really interesting close encounters.

Birds (not very visible in the picture but very personal in real life)
There was actually one big eagle that looked like it thought Bridget might make a good treat. And Bridget figured that out pretty fast.  Didn't get a picture, though.  What we did get a picture of was the sea creature petting area
Probably the most significant, though, was the up close encounter with the train

In fact, the train was so exciting, poor Paxton thought it was serious child abuse to force him to get off at the end of the ride.  Kid just wants to ride a train all day and can't see why anyone would want to take that from him.

We spent about 4 delightful hours there, which is a good amount of time when you have kids of this age.  It's really close (and just a few blocks from my work) so we will definitely be going back often.  So exciting!

I didn't get any zoo pictures of Seth, but he's growing very well.  His baby acne is gone and he's lovely, well-behaved, and a reasonable sleeper.  You can't ask much more from a kid that age.

He's even cuter than that now, if you can believe it.

By the way, you know who else is at a super cute age? Bridget
Actually all the kids are at delightful and super cute ages at the moment.  We are really loving this full quiver of children we have.  Raising children is a challenge but it has moments that are more rewarding than others.  It seems like those have been coming in droves lately.


Ashley said...

I would say that there are more Awesome moments than Non-Awesome ones. :)

Danielle said...

Ooh, I love the zoo! And I love that adorable family of yours. You guys make some super cute kids!