Saturday, December 19, 2015


Phone cameras will never be as good as actual cameras at taking pictures.  That's just a fact.  But, as they get better at the job, I've found myself taking more and more pictures with my phone because I happen to have it on me most of the time.  Besides the lessened quality of pictures, the other major downside is that the shots I take don't automatically get integrated into our family's collection like things I take on the DSLR or my point and shoot.

So tonight, after much supplication from my sweet husband (because pretty much any task from me for anyone needs repeated requesting--I'm kind of at a point in my life where at any given moment I've got several balls in the air that I'm trying to juggle so I get distracted pretty easily, heck even at this moment I'm rocking a baby with my foot while I type) I finally made the past 9 months worth of photos available to him to get into our collection.  It turned out to be hundreds of pictures.

However, even with hundreds of pictures, we noticed that we have a LOT of shots of Bridget that are pretty similar...

This baby girl has one CHEESY grin!  And man, does it light up all of our lives!  Bridget arrived in the world just a darling little thing and these pictures really let that shine through.  She has also turned out to be our most expressive child by a wide margin as well.  We are constantly cracking up at the faces she's making at us or others (because while she's delightful towards us, she gives MAJOR shade and stinkface to any stranger who has the audacity to look her in the eye).  And she's also the most verbally advanced of our children--just today when she handed Grant something she wasn't supposed to have and he tossed it aside she exclaimed, "That's not nice!"  It was awesome.


We use that word quite often when talking about any one of our children.  They're really such fantastic little people whom we happen to have the privilege of raising and calling our own.

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