Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Out and about with Daddy

During the Spring and Summer, Grant often took the older kids outside for simple outings around our neighborhood so I could rest at home.

The pasture behind the park behind our complex was a favorite to go visit the mule and horses that were penned there.

But they also had plenty of fun right here in our own "backyard".  These pictures are a really accurate depiction of our family's dynamic.  One reason we've enjoyed having children so quickly is that we've gotten to see them play together in just a couple of years.  It's fascinating to watch these people we made interact with each other!

But after so much hard work playing, sometimes you just have to take a little rest.  After all, it's exhausting to be such an awesome person...  ;)

Looks awfully nice there in the shade!


Ashley K said...

Watching my kids interact is really fun. Benjamin adores Naomi, and she thinks he is fascinating. I hope they feel that way for a long time to come!

Danielle said...

Look at all that GREEEEEEN! Only a few more months, right? And I love the pictures of them hanging out in the grass. Some of my favorite moments are just soaking up the beautiful weather, watching clouds or exploring nature!