Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Snapshots of our Life

When I did my Winter Photo Dump, I forgot to go through and add a few videos.  We take lots of them but I try to be very selective about the ones I post on our blog.

This first clip is a significant one because it's one where we caught Elliot doing something that he does all.  The.  Time.  And those are really important to us.

This little word/phrase is such a commonplace component in our vernacular that Grant usually uses it to address him, "Elliot Oh Yoyyoyyoyyoy."  I'll be so sad when he doesn't do it anymore.

As most of the readers of this blog personally experienced, this past winter was no joke.  I tried to remember that here in Pennsylvania, we had not one, but two very mild winters before it.  In fact, the one the year before this one was actually problematically mild--the trees started to flower early and then there was a freeze, but that was actually the normal weather for the year--and the farmers suffered for it.

Besides colder temperatures, there was also an unreal amount of precipitation.  So.  Much.  Snow.  And then more snow.  Then maybe a layer of ice for good measure.  And then more snow.  We got to a point where we didn't have sidewalks, we had ditches dug out to be pathways.  It got old REAL fast.  One way I found to deal with my frustrations with the snow was to shovel it.  I had a LOT of opportunities to shovel snow.  And sometimes I got some help with it...

She's so awesome.

I totally grew that awesome person in my body.

Blows.  My.  Mind.

We also have a nifty feature on our DSLR that captures video as well as take pictures.  I forgot that when I made the post about the Pig Piles that I switched back and forth between these features and got some video footage of that Fun.

And last is a longer one.  We are not in a place where going to the movies as a family is something that is really practical for us, we tend to wait for things to come to Redbox and see if we like it.  So we hadn't seen Frozen before it was released on DVD.  But it was kind of a smash hit in this house, so we purchased it soon after we watched it and not long after that this video was taken:

This video is particularly interesting to us because it is SUCH an accurate snapshot of our life at that time.  Kendra was singing.  And wearing a dress-up dress rather than street clothes.  I was on the sofa with Bridget, who was only 4 days old.  She, Elliot and I are all wearing jammies--the kids and I spent more time in jammies than not this Spring.  Except Kendra, because she preferred to dress up.  Elliot was doing his own thing and then wanted to come participate in Kendra's game but eventually got distracted by his interest in the baby and ultimately spend most of his time with her instead.

And those three minutes totally capture it all.

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Belkycita said...

Oh your kids are so cute!!! and Kendra is so big now.
(long time not visiting blogs)
Love the videos!!!