Sunday, October 26, 2014

Meeting Bridget

Motherhood is...a lot of things.  It really runs the entire spectrum of the human experience.  One thing that has taken me by surprise is how much I miss my children when we're separated.  So when I have a new baby, even though I am so excited to meet the new one and spend some one on one time, it doesn't take long before I'm ready to see the older ones and for them to meet their new sibling.

These are some of my favorite moments of our family's history.

In this first video, the kids come in and see her for the first time, and we can behold all of the pestilence that plagued our family at the time of Bridget's birth.  When I went into labor, I was not a happy camper.  Even though she was a week and a day late, I did not want to bring a new baby home when all of us were sick.  She did not get the memo.

After we got all the little hands sanitized and went over proper coughing procedures, we started to let the kids get a closer look and Kendra was the first to hold her.

And then it was Elliot's turn.  A lot of people told me that Kendra would be so into the baby and just want to hold her all the time, etc, etc...and she enjoys Bridget, for sure.  But it is Elliot who has always been the most enthusiastic older sibling by an extremely wide margin each time a new baby has come into the family after him.  I later realized that Bridget is really Elliot's baby, I just grew her for him.  So this is when he held her for the very first time.

This was a very sweet day for our was also an intense realization and the first time I thought to myself, "What.  On earth.  Did I just get myself into...??" because that is an awful lot of really small children in that room, and I just had a baby.  But I have also felt daily affirmations that each of our children were supposed to be here exactly when they arrived.  We are very, very blessed.

Yep.  Definitely his baby.


Danielle said...

Awwww! Such sweet pictures and videos. Makes me want a newborn! :P

Belkycita said...

Heart Breaking!!!