Thursday, February 13, 2014


With three small children in an 1100 square foot apartment, things can get a little...intense...sometimes.  But we've kind of hit the jackpot with these kids we've got, they do pretty well. 

Kendra does extremely well learning how to live with her little brothers--because I feel for her.  Younger siblings can be annoying, especially at her age.  But they can also be awesome and she spends a whole lot more time on that end of the spectrum with them.

No lie, I walked in to check on them and they were just holding hands, watching a show.

Elliot does pretty well as an older sibling, too.  My boys are pretty good buddies.

Kendra and Elliot also do a pretty cute thing with Paxton.  When they hear him crying after he wakes up in the morning or from his nap, they'll go "help" him.  It actually is helpful for them to go in and entertain him so I can quickly get the dirty dishes into the dishwasher before we unleash him because he'll "help" me unload all the dirty dishes if I open the thing while he's roaming.

He seems pretty satisfied with the situation.

We are definitely satisfied with the situation, too.

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