Friday, February 28, 2014

Birthday Boys

Earlier this week I spoke with someone whose wife had given birth to their first child two and a half weeks ago.  As we talked about parenting a new baby, I told him that my experience was that days are long but years are short.

My, do the years go by so fast.

In June, Elliot turned two.  Our sweet, sweet boy...

Isn't it nice to have siblings to test drive your new toys for you?  Luckily, Elliot had plenty to keep him distracted.  Our birthday parties are simple but they seem to enjoy them.

And then just three months later Paxton turned a year old (and our second child in a row to do so with a younger sibling on the way).  The first nine months of his life, Paxton was not impressed but his personality really lit up at about that point and he's been really fun to get to know.

Time sure does fly!  But we feel really blessed to be at a point where we are measuring our lives by events in theirs.  It's already going by startlingly fast!

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