Saturday, April 20, 2013

A family of Geeks

 Sometimes, we set Kendra up with a laptop when she wants to play a game but we are using our own computers.

Every time we do this, Elliot is pretty interested, too.

It's FunGooms.  It's free.  It's AWESOME.

I follow a number of Geeky blogs, and many of them post different neat products for sale in various places around the interwebz.  Sometimes I share some of the things I've found on Facebook and one day I posted this link with my thoughts, which were something to the effect of, "How have I had three babies and not owned this shirt for any of them??" because I love the film it references.

A few days later, Paxton received a package.
Goblen, schmoblin.
I dressed him in it with glee--his Poppa didn't even know the reference when he sent it.

It's not exactly Geeky of us to do, but when we have a date night, after dinner we don't go to the movies.  We go to stores.  A little while after Paxton was born I saw something on Facebook that said, "I never thought that going on a family vacation would feel like work but going to the grocery store by myself would feel like a vacation."


So, we take a little vacation and we go to stores.  Grant rarely gets to go to stores because I do the shopping during the week while he's at work and I'm not super willing to take the whole family into one on the weekend.  Don't judge me, it gets kind of crazy.

So one night in December, we went to Home Depot and had the kind of fun that's just not doable with 3 children under 4 in tow.

We have a list of stuff we want, "when we have a house."  Until we do, we can go play with the stuff at the stores.

Some people make fun of Geeks like us.  I'm convinced that those people aren't having nearly as much fun as we do.

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