Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Household fun

I've been clicking through the stuff that needs to be blogged and I noticed this one:

So can I just point out how this picture proves that there is a certain degree to which bringing home a third child is actually easier than it is to bring home the second or first?  I sort of blinked and they went from Kendra playing near Elliot to Kendra actually playing with Elliot.  It's pretty awesome up one side and down the other.

And yes, they're wearing pajamas...these are from when Paxton was one week old.

And, while I'm talking about how awesome my kids are, she is a pretty fantastic big sister.  She is incredibly patient with and kind to her sometimes annoying baby brother.  She makes me proud every single day.

They do seem to have a lot of fun together.

And we have a lot of fun with them, too.

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Danielle said...

Get those kids to work! And when they are done they can come sweep my house. :) Love the baby gates too!