Thursday, July 26, 2012


I haven't allowed many pictures of me this pregnancy nor have I posted many of the ones that have slipped into existence.  I love our new baby and that he's coming, but Momma just feels really fat and self-conscious about it.

However, this one pretty accurately describes the end of the day around here, which is when it was taken.  The kids sleep in the same room most of the time now (to get into training for when they will have to do it) but since Elliot sleeps for less time through the night, we put Kendra down first so she can get a head start on her Zs (if she goes down at the same time or later, he still wakes up before her and usually wakes her up in the process and she gets pretty affected by sleep deprivation which is not only incredibly unpleasant for me to deal with but also just makes me feel bad for her, so I try my best to prevent it).  Elliot gets put down an hour or so afterward, when we hang out and play and otherwise wrap up the day.

We're both just kinda wiped, and it shows.  But I figure I'm doing something wrong as a parent if we have too much energy at the day's end...and who knew that big pregnant bellies made such convenient pillows for tired babies?  That's efficiency right there, folks.

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Belkycita said...

I know what you mean!! but at least no one is calling you right now "moo moo" or mooing to get your attention!
It's when your boobs are bigger than your butt when you need to worry :-)
I need to hang out with you!!!!!!