Saturday, July 21, 2012

Seperation Anxiety

At some point, Elliot got a little...clingy.  In fact, any time I leave the house without him, we go through this:

That's actually my exact view from where the car is normally parked.  It looks pretty cute at this angle.  But let's take a closer look, shall we?

This is not a happy face, in case we haven't posted enough pictures of his happy faces for your to recognize.  In fact, it's quite distressed.

Those are tears.  And I'm fairly certain that they only stopped rolling down his cheeks because I approached him to take the picture.

I'm not sure who has a harder time in this situation...him with me leaving or me with him crying.  There have been several occasions when I have handled it so poorly that I just go back and bring him with me where ever I'm going.  This week I made myself late to Book Club because I came back and stayed later to put him to bed because I couldn't handle the sadness I saw as I sat in the driver's seat to pull away.

It doesn't happen every time...but it's rough on everybody when it does.

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