Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Day at the Park

When we uploaded the pictures from Grant's point-and-shoot that he took at the reunion, we discovered an old batch from April that we'd never seen.  I love little things like that.  This wasn't anything special, just a beautiful day that we enjoyed together as a family.

Our upstairs neighbor's 4-year-old has a little bike that Kendra just loooooves.

"Nobody rocks socks with sandals like me.  Nobody."

And as she's gotten older and more confident, she's enjoyed the little playground by the office in our complex more, too.

Right behind the back fence of our complex, there's a big field.  And right behind that field is a pretty nice park.  It's bigger and has more stuff and we often run into friends from the ward when we go (because it's a small town and lots of families live nearby).

Fun times.

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Danielle said...

And an adorable baby bump in the background. Awesomeness.