Sunday, October 30, 2011

Joseph Smith Farm

Another must-see among the Palmyra sites is the Joseph Smith Farm.

The first stop outside of the Visitor's Center is the log home.

These tours are pretty neat--they're part peek-into-the-past type information about life in general of the time the events took place and part super significant information about different events that shaped the church as we know it today.

After the log home comes the frame home, which is also very neat.

Inside, while we were listening to the different accounts that took place there, Elliot got wiggly and we just set him on the floor (we'd left the stroller in the car since the paths were all gravel and it'd be a pain anyway).

Those mobs wouldn't have been able to handle all of this.

Even the barns are interesting there.

Even though Kendra was less than enthused, we have to post this one because it's actually our first photo as a whole family of four.

Pretty neat stuff!

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