Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Hill Cummorah

After Niagra Falls, we all headed the 100 or so miles due East to Palmyra.

We started our time there at the Hill Cummorah Visitor's Center and then trekked up the hill.

It's a surprisingly steep climb, even with the nice, smooth, paved paths.

There's a pretty neat statue thingy at the top.

Elliot got carried up the whole way by doting older cousins (and he's 17lbs, it's no small feat).

We just hung out at the top admiring the different faces of the statue and such.

These two were a riot to watch all weekend long, they're less than 5 months apart in age.

But it was pretty windy and brisk, so we didn't stay up there too long.  There's a way back down that more winds through the trees and is less paved, but I opted to carry Elliot back the paved way we'd come.  I actually had a really interesting experience because he was pretty fussy at the top of the hill, he was cold and he was past due for a nap, poor guy.  I got him bundled pretty well and held him close and he almost immediately just passed right out in my arms.  I didn't have the heart to set him down in the stroller and expose him to the win, hence inching back the paved way because I couldn't see my own feet with him bundled in my arms.  It wasn't easy but it made me think of the pioneers and all the hardships they faced.  I wondered how many women carried babies bundled in their arms because they didn't have any other choice and didn't have paved paths to make the way easier with a warm, comfortable building at the bottom waiting for them.  It made me grateful for all the little conveniences that I tend to take for granted every day.

Grant and Kendra took the scenic route though.

From there we headed into town to check out the Grandin Printing Press, where the first edition of the Book of Mormon was published.

It's a pretty neat tour with a lot of information and even some awesome original paintings (including one that happens to be Grant's very favorite, it was awesome that he got to see it there).

Kendra did her thing where she just charmed the pants off everyone there.

Be sure to check out the press if you ever make it to Palmyra, it's awesome!

But Kendra's highlight of the day?

The acorn she found along the way.


Danielle said...

Seriously jealous of your trip. And I love Grant's self-portraits. I can never get the camera far enough away from my face to look right. :P

Kristen and Andrew said...

Beautiful!! LOOK how LONG your hair is!! wow!!