Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why I LOVE our camera

When Kendra was an infant, we tried to catch a shot of the face she made right before she started crying, because it was so sad that it was cute.  This was about as close as we got.

Elliot makes an equally (if not more) adorable face.  He really pouts out his bottom lip right before he cries out (because this kid just doesn't really truly "cry" very often at all).  It's the saddest and yet the sweetest little thing I've seen.

So the other day when he was acting like he was going to cry out, I got out the camera and sat myself down in front of him and waited.  I was not disappointed.

That is one pouty lip.

However, while I was sitting there, I also got a pretty priceless shot of his amazing smile--have we mentioned how much this baby smiles?  A lot.  We remember Kendra as a very pleasant, easy-going baby, but he completely surpasses her.  Here's one of the nicest shots we've got of that smile we see so often.

I should warn you though, you probably shouldn't look at this picture unless you are prepared to have a baby.  Because unless you have one already, you'll want one after this:

Told you so.

I guess in a pinch you can just come hold him if you want.  (I'm not really joking about that, actually...)

So, I really love our camera!  So far, our children have extensively recorded lives and it is so much fun!


Kristina said...

That is about the cutest little pout ever :D

Diary Girl said...

Such a joy to c a baby smile :)