Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moses baby

Unfortunately, Elliot got a pretty nasty case of the runs after we got home from the hospital and the high acid of it really did a number on his poor bum, which lead to an equally nasty diaper rash that only got worse when we cleaned it with even gentle wipes.  It's very, very sad--especially for a baby who essentially never cries (seriously, he just doesn't get very worked up at all).

Our treatment is two-fold, and it's been working great.  For changing his diaper we basically give him a little mini-bath instead of wiping his bum.  And at least once a day, we forgo the diaper altogether to dry it up.  Grant has developed a very cool little system for wrapping him and we put cloth diapers under him that we check pretty often and change out as needed.

So we see lots of this around house:

Baby yawns are so cute!

Since he looks like he's all tucked in a basket, I dubbed him "Moses Baby".

So cozy...


Laura said...

Grant was saying last night that he still has diarrhea! I'm soooo sorry! Even though you have a system to help his bottom, that sounds so sad!!! Is the doctor worried about food allergies? Or just a long lasting stomach bug? Poor little Elliot. Poor Mommy. :(

Kristina said...

Aw so cute! So sorry about the troubles though. It's not fair for someone so small to have to be in pain :(