Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Elliot is born!

We are still at the hospital so our opportunities to share have been limited. In fact it all happened so fast that we haven't fully wrapped our minds around it yet.

This morning Ashley got me up at 3:30am saying we should probably start packing our hospital bag because we were likely to need it today. We sat around timing contractions until 6:00am because we wanted to let Kendra and also Heber and Debbie get some sleep. Then we took Kendra over to Hebber and Debbie, who graciously took care of her (and Heber taught my class for me). Then to the hospital.

A few hours later we were ready to push. Well, Ashley was, in fact she declined the epidural and just went for the gold. 28 minutes of really pushing and we had our son, Elliot Landon Farnsworth.

He weighed in at a generous 9 pounds 2 ounces and arrived looking very manly for a newborn. We'll get some pictures and a more detailed description after we get home and can upload from our cameras. For now we are just sort of recuperating. Especially Ashley. She burst all sorts of capillaries all over her body and is now spotted. If she pushed any harder she would have literally been sweating blood.



Danielle said...

Oh, I am so excited for you guys!! What a beautiful baby! :)

Nicole said...

WOW, CONGRATULATIONS!!! He IS a very handsome little guy, seriously he is so stinkin cute I can't wait to see more pictures!!! You are the woman Ashley! Congratulations you big family of FOUR!!!

Laura said...

Oh yea!!!!!! I was hoping for some pictures of a cute little boy!!! Thanks! :) I'm so glad it went quickly this time. 33 hours is NOT anything you want to repeat! I'm sooo sorry to hear about all the capillaries. Sounds like this one's already taking after his father, being over 9 pounds!! WOW, I'm glad he came early and not late!!

So happy for both of you!!! Congratulations!!!! Love you, love you!

P.S. Did you get my text this afternoon? I'm not sure if I have the right cell phone.

Kathleen said...

Congratulations!!!!! He is a cute, manly little man!

Belkycita said...

Yeyyy!! Congratulations!!
He looks adorable and already chunky :-) just the way I like them.
Way to go Ashley,you are one brave woman!
Love you guys, congratulations!!

D said...

Congratulations! He is so precious. We are so excited for you. We are so glad that everything went well!

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Scott and Kel said...

Congrats!!! Way to go Ash--big boy!! He's so cute, can't wait for more pics!