Monday, May 16, 2011


Last fall we planted some crocus and tulip bulbs outside our patio doors.  Boy was it exciting when green shoots appeared in March!

And there were a couple of other bulbs in there we totally didn't put there...but they sure smelled nice.

Unfortunately these were the only pictures we got.

A couple of weeks after the beautiful blooms appeared, they wholly disappeared, snapped clean off.

At first we thought someone collected some Mother's Day corsages, but after watching all the tulips in the complex vanish in the same way it seems more likely that something came by and ate them.

We're planning on replacing them next year with something less delicious to the local wildlife, but it was fun while it lasted...

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Danielle said...

I saw Grant's FB post about the tulips disappearing... hilarious that it may have just been an animal. I wonder what kind?? I'm impressed by your green thumb though. Everything I plant dies!