Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas Morning

Here are a few shots from Christmas morning.

First, an easel from my Dad:

She loooooves this thing.  She plays with it every single day!

And this was the first occasion she caught onto the concept of unwrapping presents.

It didn't take her long to become a total pro.  :)

We gave her a shopping cart because she really loves stuff to push around.

And the minute she saw it, she knew what belonged inside: a little girl!

Actually, this picture doesn't do the moment justice because as soon as she saw what the cart was, she started looking around for this doll she'd opened a few minutes earlier from Grant's parents and quite purposefully set it in the cart--because she knows that babies go in the cart, I guess!

We also gave her some pretend food to go along with the cart...

We weren't sure if she'd "get it"...

But she very enthusiastically caught on.

It was a very Merry Christmas indeed for our little family!


Kristina said...

Ha ha cute! I love that shopping cart! It's a lot nicer than some of the ones I've seen. I love her enthusiasm over the food. Alivia got a baby stroller for Christmas but she hasn't quite caught on yet. But she sure does love to sit on Simeon's big truck! The hazards of having an older brother I guess.

Jacqueline said...

OH my goodness, look how long and curled out her hair is. That is so precious. She looks like such a big girl. Thanks for posting.

Kathleen said...

I'll bet my girls would love a chalkboard easel too. Does it make a mess?
I can't believe how big your Kendra has gotten.