Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We finally got around to snapping a picture last week.

I had hoped to keep it at the same scale as when we did it the first time, but we're already a couple of weeks off.

So here's me at 20 weeks!

Already halfway, woohoo!

And wow did that happen fast this time!

Kendra wasn't sure what we were doing, but she was pretty insistent to be held.

But as she had only just woken up, she was less than truly enthusiastic to have her picture taken.


Danielle said...

Other people's pregnancies go by so much faster than mine. Not fair. You look great, by the way! You are adorable pregnant lady. :)

Jacqueline said...

You are looking good, lady!!!

Belkycita said...

Pretty belly,pretty girl, pretty baby!!!!!

You really look good and I am ridiculously jealous of your hair!