Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why I will never, ever, EVER ask Daddy to get the baby dressed again:

Well, unless I lay out the outfit--the entire outfit.  From head to toe.

Can you believe this??

Just.  LOOK.  At.  Her. Feet!

We do not teach our children to wear socks with sandals in this family!
There.  That's better.
My eye didn't stop twitching until after I changed it.


Kristina said...

LOL! This is SOOO a Farnsworth thing! Seriously, I have to fight my Farnsworth man tooth and nail to keep him from doing the socks and sandals thing with Simeon. It's bad enough that Seth wears them ... in public ... when I'm with him :P

Danielle said...

LOL! Just wait until she herself insists on socks with sandals. Then whatchagonnado?

Belkycita said...


I'll give you a little tip. When the summer starts and most of the time you use sandals. HIDE the socks!

or threaten your child to take away their favorite toy.... but you might not be that kind :-0