Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Leaving town

It turns out that I was actually pretty good about taking pictures our last couple of weeks in Chicago.  I just wasn't very good about blogging them. In my defense, though, these are all from my little purse camera all taken while we've been out and about.

First, talk about the fortuitous timing--my grandparents rolled through town on a bus tour and the hotel that they stayed at was right down the street from the Wal-Mart I always shopped at!  We haven't been back home since Kendra was born, so this was a real treat!

She was actually very friendly and charming for them during the visit, but she was less cooperative when we tried to take a picture at the end.  Oh, well.

Next, we had a picnic with some of our friends from Evanston and I had all sorts of good intentions to take really good pictures so I could remember these wonderful people forever...but I had so much fun talking with my friends that this was the only shot I got:

At least it's a cute one, right?

Good thing they're all on Facebook if I want to remember them.

This wasn't any kind of special event or occasion, but we stopped by a restaurant one Saturday afternoon and while we were waiting for our food, Kendra found my sunglasses.

Eat your heart out, Audrey Hepburn.

Last but not least, my dear friend Joni blew past Chicago on her move from New Jersey back home to Utah--and since I hadn't seen her since I got home from my mission, you know I was all on top of that!

Again, Kendra was less cooperative for the camera, but it was still way fun to hang with Joni Baloney!

Yeay for getting caught up on blogs, slowly but surely!

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Lauren said...

Oh fun! I miss Joni!! That's fun that you guys got to catch up. And I don't think I ever blogged the pictures I took of our last few days in AZ either, it's okay! :)