Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Gettin' Better Post

Well.  We sure have been housed here the past couple of weeks.  When I looked up a doctor to take Kendra to for her well-baby check-ups and vaccinations, I just picked the closest one to me that the search tool for our insurance found.  Turns out, the closest one to me is a very busy public clinic.  Kendra got a fever and was super tired and clingy 2 days later, which I thought was weird because usually it's the day of shots that they have a reaction, if at all, but I chalked it up to the shots.  Then we all went down, one by one.  It was grievous.

But now that it's over, I finally have gotten myself together enough to do a little bloggin'.  Yeay!

First, a few weeks ago Grant's parents were "in the area" so to speak, to visit Grant's brother's family, down in St. Louis and they stopped by.  Of course, we had just seen them a couple of weeks before that but it was still fun to have them.  Grant gave them the run-down of our tarantula collection.

And there was even a little time for bonding...

I cracked open the door one morning because the little girl was sleeping pretty late and found the following.

Like many times, I about died laughing when I saw it.  How did her pants get pulled down?

We've been letting Kendra experiment with food--basically we're hoping she'll try anything we eat.  So, we peeled an orange and handed it to her.  It looks delicious!

I don't have a story for this picture, I don't even know why we took it.  But the look on her face kinda cracks me up, I feel like she's saying "OOF!"

She's a fun little girl, and she has quickly developed a love for books.  She doesn't just pull them out, she also sits with them one by one and looks through them.

But the real reason we took this series of pictures was because we had to show off her new shirt...

Yep, the Force IS strong with this one...

Thanks again, Aunt Amanda!  :)


Danielle said...

Glad everyone is feeling better. And Kendra is getting a lot of hair. You're gonna have fun with that!!!

Kristina said...

Aw cute pictures. I like the one where she is sleeping with her pants down. Just be glad she still has her diaper on :P We've gone many times to get Simeon out of bed and we've found him totally naked (at least from the waste down) and a little wet stream on the floor below his bed (yea for little boys). One morning he was crying really sad and we found him totally naked, soaking wet, and freezing cold. Since then he's been less inclined to take his clothes off in the night, though he's starting to do it again :(

Amanda said...

I love it! I used to sleep like that when I was little. Although, I don't remember stories about me waking up with my pants below my diaper. ;-) Crazy kid!