Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fun with KK

This little girl is so awesome.  She's so cute (even if I do say so myself--I can't help but feel like it's a compliment to me every time someone says, "She has the prettiest eyes!", I know, it's kinda lame and vain), and so very pleasant!  She's a lot of fun and just the sweetest little thing.  We love being her parents.

Now that she's got a handle on walking, she's started dragging things around with her.

Things like toys...

And even brooms. (Don't mind my clean-up music--105.9 in Chicago has commercial-free Mondays!)

Such a good helper!

She also has a love for music and dancing.  This is a toy that our niece Stephie very graciously handed down to us when she got too old for it (either that or her mother put it in a black garbage bag and snuck it into our possession with the clothes that don't fit anymore, either, the last time we visited them).  During the day I usually let her play with it to her heart's content...but at night we do just switch it off.

If you watch carefully, this video demonstrates that she not only knows when the song is about to end and pushes the button for a new one just before it does, but she skips to the songs she likes.  She most often plays La Cucaracha and Skip to My Lou while opting out of The Wheels on the Bus and London Bridge.  It's so funny.

Actually, she also still plays with the Baby Einstein musical gym that my Dad got for her and they're across from each other in the room.  Sometimes she turns on one and walks to the other and turns it on, and goes back and forth for several minutes.  She also gets very distracted whenever we get out the camera and I haven't managed to catch it yet.

With or without videos, though, she sure does make us smile...


Jacqueline said...

Yep, she knows she has the power when she can drag things around. She is so much more capable, steady and inventive than when we were there. I love her dancing to her favorite songs.

Kristina said...

So cute! I love those big smiles she gives :) Such a little cutie :) I think it is much more rewarding for someone to tell me my kids are cute than for them to say I look good ;) I don't think we're alone there :)
Simeon has been obsessed with the broom from way back in his bouncer days :) That's why on any given day you can find the broom in my bedroom, the swiffer laying in the hallway, and the mop in the living room :P Gotta love those little helpers :P

Mindee said...

What a smartie pants! I love the looks she gives you whenever she catches you looking at her. She is adorable!

Belkycita said...

My goodness!! I hadn't heard "La Cucaracha" and Mega bites in the same sentence before ;-)

She is a HAM! and if it wasn't because I just spent a week in Cairo with a whinny baby I would be baby hungry.

Laura said...

She is SUCH an adorable cheeser! I love how she ALWAYS smiles big when she notices you have the camera. Too funny. There's a child who's grown up with a camera in her face - and loves it! haha