Thursday, January 21, 2010

Catching up

Why does it feel like I absolutely never blog anymore?

Lately, Kendra has gained more confidence in her various forms of mobility. We have a small table by our desk here where we set our printer, and we've been rather surprised to find her under it several times.

The first time she started crying and we couldn't figure out where she was for a few moments, but then she figured out how to free herself and it's lost it's mystique, apparently.

I can't remember whether or not we reported on the blog that she cut her first top tooth about a month ago--we've been trying to get a picture of it, but so far the best we can get is this.

Yeah, she's hanging upside down, I didn't forget to edit the picture.

Also, someone might have had a birthday! We had a lot of fun celebrating Daddy's big 3-0, but since we had just spent a week getting generous portions of Christmas candy, we stuck his candles in some yummy sherbet instead of cake after dinner.

Happy Birthday!

It's no secret that Grant and I love a good homemade dance party. We're so stoked that the apple doesn't fall far from the trees...


It's always a big pile of fun here with the Farnsworths!


Kristina said...

Cute! I love when kids go exploring and then you have to rescue them :P Can't wait to see you guys! Counting down the lonely, boring, housebound because the weather has been ucky days :P

Scott and Kel said...

Super cute dance moves! Glad to see you're human on the blogging side of things...he,he. I'm always behind and in catch-up mode on that!

Jacqueline said...

Too cute. She's a charmer.