Saturday, October 10, 2009

Green parents=Good parents!

In the more recent pictures of Kendra along with her first and favorite toy, her colorful teething toys and her stackable rings, you may or may not have noticed some other things in her play yard or even in her hand.

A while back, I realized that when she gets bored and needs something new, she doesn't need a "toy", just a new object. So, one day when she was crawling around in the kitchen while I was doing the dishes I handed her an 8 oz Dixie cup. She was entertained for an entire hour (which, for the record is not how long it took me to do the dishes). So, I began looking for objects around the house she might be just as entertained with, as she's already proven she can dismantle Dixie cups into pieces that are small enough to become choking hazards.

And now, you might notice that objects like these are in our pictures nowadays.

And she loves them! The 5 qt ice cream bucket is probably her favorite from this group of toys. I put a few small colorful plastic toys in there so it makes a fun rattling toy when she grasps it by the handle and shakes it around. And, when it's sitting on its own, she's discovered it makes a handy drum as well.

The bubble mailer was also a big hit, as well as the travel size wipes container (there's a toy in that one too, so it also doubles as a rattle--I'm open in the coming months it will also be a good toy for motor skills as she figures out how to open it up).

However, we've gotten the biggest bang for our buck from the yogurt cup. It's just an indestructible Dixie cup, and she'll chase it around for the longest time.

So, don't think that we let her play with garbage. I promise, I put it through a test and clean it before I hand it to her.

Turns out, she doesn't know the difference between the stackable rings I spent $7 on and the yogurt cup left over after a $0.50 treat anyway.


Kristina said...

Trash to treasure! I love how kids are entertained by the simple things. One of Simeon's favorites was a prescription bottle that I put a few pennies in. And the tupperware of course. The tupperware and the pots and pans still haven't gotten old :) And we still give him all the junk mail :)

Belkycita said...

isn' that great?!!
I gave my girls a drawer in the kitchen, with some utensils that I don't use very much and whatever else I could find.
Oh, their favorite. A wallet full of credit cards! you know all those you get in the mail ;-)

Heber said...

How true that is! I remember the time we bought some toy for baby Kimberly and she played with the empty box LOTS more than she played with the toy.

The truth is that kids don't need much. Just things that have interesting colors or shapes or make interesting sounds when you hit them.

Jacqueline said...

How true, how true. Such smart parents!

Archie said...

Isn't it the truth. The simple things in life are the rewarding ones.

Danielle said...

Here's one to try.... take an empty formula can, put a slit in the lid and then give her the lids to concentrated orange juice cans to slip through the slot. It's practically an educational toy. :P

Laura said...

Actually, Danielle, that's totally an Occupational Therapy toy! Cami's had to work on that kind of thing. It's great for developing button skills later.

Cool "toys"!! I'm impressed with your ingenuity and her long time fascination. :)