Friday, June 19, 2009

Personality Profile

Well, we have been wondering just what kind of a person our little baby was going to turn out to be ever since the moment we knew she was coming. We still wonder and know that her infant personality will be much more obvious when a sibling or two comes along and acts completely different, but we've picked up a few things.

1) Kendra is generally a very happy baby. Seriously. She smiles quite easily and is content to sit in her swing or lie down for long periods of time. Often during the day she wakes up from her nap and doesn't fuss for over an hour after she's woken up.

2) Kendra is an excellent sleeper. Holy moly, is she ever! She started sleeping for 7-8 hour stretches when she was 7 weeks old and by the time she was at 3 months, she was sleeping for 12 hours at night. There are some babies (one of them might have grown up to be her father) who get up at night to eat (I emphasize it because it takes a long time!) until they're 10 months old.

3) Kendra does not like strangers. This is one of the few exceptions to number 1--it doesn't matter if she can still see Mom and/or Dad. It doesn't matter if Mom or Dad is holding her. If she sees a strange face for more than about 15 seconds, she turns away screaming. This happened twice in a row within one minute of each other at church.

4) Kendra can belch like a beer-drinking, tail-gating, middle-aged baseball fan. I have a friend who is also known as "The Toe-Belcher" among our circle of friends, because when she lets one rip, it's like it's coming all the way from her toes. Kendra is the same way. At first, it took a
looong time to get a burp out of her, and half the time she'd fall asleep before actually getting the job done. However, she's got it down. I set the bottle down and often before I can even sit her upright to pat her back and coax it out, she's already blown out my ears with a belch. It's particularly hilarious when she does it, say, in Sunday School when there are only 10 or so people around.

5) Kendra
hates having her diaper changed anywhere but her changing table. At home, she's a delight and smiles and coos when we change her diaper. Even if she has a fierce diaper rash, she seems to have a pretty fun time on the table. However she screams like a banshee if she has to be put on one of those public restroom changing tables. And putting a blanket under her head doesn't help. I could clearly hear her screaming from the other side of the church building when Grant changed her diaper there a couple of weeks ago. And it's a pretty big building.

6) Kendra is a pretty easy-going little girl. Along the same lines as my first observation--with the exception of seeing strangers and having her diaper changed away from home, she really doesn't get worked up into a fuss very often. And she's pretty easy to calm down if she does get fussed. She doesn't mind how I slap a headband on her every time we go out (people will know she's a girl!), or having things "just so" or she can't eat, sleep, and she wasn't at all fussy for the 45 minutes I spent combing and treating her cradle cap earlier this week. She just goes with the punches, it's a sweet, sweet deal.

It'll be interesting to figure out other ways she's unique, but so far...we just couldn't have asked for a better baby than the one we got!


Danielle said...

She sleeps through the night? Phbbbbt.... I'm so not going to be bitter about that one. :P And she's a belcher? The guys are going to be totally impressed!

Laura said...

Very cute profile. That's interesting how she doesn't like strangers. Hayley was that way too! That's crazy about her sleeping, though. You lucked out there!

It's so funny how each child is so different. So much of their personality comes already in their package and is observed from a very young age. Because this has become so obvious to me, I've learned to be careful when I see people with difficult children - those just come that way too! :) oops...I think I'm rambling. ;)

Kristina said...

Cute :) It is so much fun to watch their personalities come out more and more. And the great thing is that you look back and realize: They did just start having a personality one day. They've always had that same personality, they are just learning to express it more. All the things she is doing now will always stay a part of who she is. You'll just see more and more of her. It's amazing to watch.