Friday, June 19, 2009

Blue-eyed Girl

When Kendra was born, we could already see bits of me in her. She came with my baby-blond hair, my one dimple and my attached earlobes. I rather hoped that her eyes would be brown because honestly, so that there would be something we could point at and declare, "Aha! There's Daddy's [fill in the blank]."

She does have a few of Daddy's features, make no mistake.

She has a very large and round Farnsworth head.

She has extremely sweaty feet.

And she produces copious amounts of ear wax. Yup, ear wax. Huge globs of it fall out about once a week--it's so nasty. Maybe that's just a baby thing I've never heard about (kinda like cradle cap--that was certainly a surprise).

You can imagine, I was rather hoping for the brown eyes to mark her as her father's daughter.
Though she was born with a fighting chance of getting those brown eyes to go with her blond hair...

They have only lightened up with time. She's definitely a blue-eyed girl.

I guess blue eyes ain't so bad though...


Danielle said...

She may have features of yours that you can easily pick out. But there are faces she pulls that are sooo Grant!!

Kristina said...

Oh we love those blue eyes! She's a cutie. And I think different features may come out as she gets older. I think I told you that I didn't see myself in Simeon at all when he was really small, but now I can see more of my features in him.