Saturday, November 7, 2015

Matched Set

Seth and I got home from the hospital yesterday and now that we've spent some time seeing his face, we noticed something interesting.

I've mentioned before that among Grant and his siblings, there is a Small, Medium, and Large version of the same brother.  Grant is the Large.

Among our own family, we've had a trend of our children either looking like me or looking like Grant.  We call it "Lady Puppies" and "Tramp Puppies" because at the end of Lady and the Tramp, you see them together with their puppies and instead of being mixed, which is what typically happens when dogs breed, there are several puppies who look just like Lady and one that looks just like the Tramp.  And I couldn't quite tell whether Seth is a Lady Puppy or a Tramp Puppy because while I definitely saw traits that are one or the other, it was difficult to say if he favors one.

Until we got home and feeling so sentimental, I started looking at newborn pictures of his older siblings.  We definitely have a matched set here:

The top picture is Elliot, an hour or so after his birth.  The bottom is Seth, not more than 10 minutes after his own.  They look pretty dang similar to me, especially when compared to the brother between them:

Though we figure that for now, our set is more of a "Large" and "Extra Large" one...two pounds makes quite a big difference in the size of a brand new baby...


Jacqueline said...

I thought I saw more resemblance to Elliot than anyone else in Seth. However, there is definitely a Grant and Ashley Farnsworth look that they all have that is distinctive. Plus they are just so darn cute.

Danielle said...

I've totally thought that about your kids. And Seth looks a like E and B to me too. Such adorable kiddos!

Kristina Farnsworth said...

Yup I would have put him in the E and B club. They are all in the cutie pie club though!