Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Big Kindergartener

So, a while back, we welcomed the most beautiful baby I'd ever laid eyes into our family...

And then we BLINKED and she was ready to start Kindergarten.  Honestly, we're pretty freaked out by how quickly that happened...

So, we went to an Orientation while all the other kids had their first day of school.

You always take one with a silly face for good measure.

And the next morning, it was time to send her on the bus for her first day at school...

Today is April 21, there's about 7 weeks left of school...and she still waves back at me from the bus every morning once she gets on.  I know that someday she'll be too big and cool to wave to her Mom from the bus, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Kendra has done very, very well at school. When she went in for her screening before the year started, she was handed a box of crayons and asked to identify the colors.  Upon seeing the labels, she announced, "Oh, I'll just read the color words!  This one is, 'Purple-Voilet'!"  It was hilarious!  I'm amazed at what a great job the teacher does keeping everyone at different levels progressing--I know I didn't learn how to read until First Grade, much less START Kindergarten a fully functional reader!

At the gym I go to, one of the babysitters is a para at another elementary school in town during the day, and lately she has been bringing in worksheets that get left in the copy room because Kendra enjoys filling them out.

Such a big girl!

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