Saturday, August 23, 2014

If the mountain can't come to Mohammad...

We currently live in a place that's fairly difficult to access.  There is a small airport in town, but it can be difficult to find a decently-priced flight and they always involve layovers.  Many people who visit this town end up flying out of Pittsburgh or Baltimore or one of the other major airports 3-4 hours away.  It super bums me out sometimes because I now have 4 children and I've never taken them home...there are dozens of people who have never met any of them and I miss them terribly.

And if the mountain can't come to Mohammad, then Mohammad has to come to the mountain.

Unfortunately, not all of my loved ones are able to come and visit, but back in October, my Mom made it out. Grant was out away for a conference and we didn't do much besides just hang out at home, but we had some fun.

Mom has been writing letters to Kendra since last summer, and it is a highlight of her week to get mail from Grandma O'Brien, but it is super duper extra special when she comes to visit.  :)

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Amanda said...

This post makes my heart happy!