Saturday, February 25, 2012

A new point of view...

Not long after he started crawling, Elliot decided to do some more exploring of the world around him.  In fact,  you could say he reached a higher plane...

And now the whole world is a game of trying to see what he can see...and there is quite a bit to see even in our little apartment.

When in doubt, suck on your fingers.

It's been really interesting to see Elliot's personality develop.  One thing in which he very much differs from his big sister is his independence.  Kendra has always been fiercely independent...but always in the same room as me.  Always.  Before she was mobile, she'd cry if I left the room.  Elliot, however, is content to explore all on his own--I have to keep careful track of him because he also has an uncanny ability to enter a room and pick up the one object that he can ingest to bring certain death.

He often makes his way into the room he shares with Kendra and busies himself playing with whatever he finds there.  When I check on him, I see this pretty often:

But I wasn't satisfied with that shot, so I started blowing raspberries at him to make him smile.

That got his attention pretty well.

But to my surprise, he didn't smile at me...

...he started blowing raspberries right back.

Funny guy.

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Jacqueline said...

How adorable! Quite the explorer and so cute.