Saturday, September 10, 2011

Good old-fashioned FUN

One thing I love about parenting is introducing my children to the world.

I seriously can not wait to watch The Empire Strikes Back with them and watch their minds get blown by the biggest plot twist of ALL TIME.

A while back, that came in the form of Play-Doh.

Because Play-Doh is awesome.
I still remember the time my Dad gave me a set of like 30-40 colors and ohmigosh it was amazing.

  Kendra though it was pretty cool, too.

We actually combined a bit of blue and a bit of hot pink to get this lovely purple--she really got a kick out of that.
We spent a whole morning playing with this stuff, it was pretty good times.

Pretty, pretty, pretty good.


Kristina said...

lol love that face :D I love the things that kids get super excited about. I helps us remember that the world is a super exciting place :D

Jacqueline said...

My goodness, she looks so grown up. Is this really possible? I love the look of fascinated concentration.

Kristen and Andrew said...

I love playdough... she is adorable!