Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun facts about Elliot

Elliot is very smiley.

Elliot is also very adorable.

And Elliot is very STRONG!  He stands up all the time!

Mostly, he's just pretty loveable.  Even at 5am.  Not that we'd still know...


D said...

He is so cute! Sadie loves to stand too. I haven't dared try the "hold-the-baby-in-the-plam-of-your-hands" trick yet, but I have been tempted. And I hear you about the 5am thing. Ugh. But worth it :). And you know, I never comment on your blog, because you are on my reader, but I just had to let you know that I really do love reading all your posts and keeping up with your family. You guys are awesome and make beautiful babies. :)

Jacqueline said...

What a big healthy looking boy he is. He will be giving Kendra a run for the money pretty soon. And he has such an adorable face. Very distinctly Elliot face. What a doll!