Sunday, August 29, 2010

But Mommy NEEDS kisses!

Turns out, moving makes you lazy.

At least for a while.

We're pretty close to being completely finished unpacking--I finally found the card reader so that I can upload videos from the camera to the computer, at least!

So here's a little something we did a week or two before the move...enjoy.  :)

More to follow, and soon! Promise!


Belkycita said...

This is what I think Kendra was thinking "mm what's she doing? oh Wow, she is screaming....oh wait she's crying?.. mm that's not a REAL CRY!...umm why does daddy have the camera? why are they looking at me?
well, I guess this will go on the blog anyway so I'll go and give her a kiss!"

Welcome back Ash :-)

Danielle said...

Or, she's thinking, "with the way mom's crying, she's got bigger problems than a measly kiss will solve." :P

Jacqueline said...

Love the head shake at the beginning when you first ask for the kiss. She keeps looking at Daddy to see if she should be worried about your meltdown. Then she looks so beneficent when she goes to give it to you. Too cute.

Kristina said...

Cute! Sometimes I think to myself that if Simeon gets to whine and throw temper tantrums then I should too ;)
Kendra's such a little sweetit :D Can't wait to see pictures of your new place :D

Scott and Kel said...

Who knew you were such a con artist?? ha,ha--sometimes you just have to do what you just have to do huh? :)