Friday, April 9, 2010

Definitely not in Kansas...

I found a few more pictures from our vacation to New Mexico/Arizona on my purse camera, yeay!

To give you a little background, understand that I was born and raised in Kansas.  I love what Sinbad has to say about my homeland.  He joined the Air Force with big dreams of seeing the world when he was a young man and he got stationed in Wichita, Kansas.  "You know what's in Kansas?  Nothin'!  All the birds, they just fly around in circles and DIE cus they ain't got no trees to land on!"

That's actually not far from the truth.

So when I go to places that actually have...landscapes, I'm pretty in awe.  The first time I went to Utah, I dragged my best friend outside at the crack of dawn after less of a night's sleep and more of a nap between days to go look at the mountains because it had been dark out when we arrived.  I think (hope) that my childlike enthusiasm helped her to forgive me for not letting her sleep in after our red eye flight from New York.
The drive from Albuquerque to Mesa was gorgeous.  I absolutely fell.  In.  Love.  Let me show you why.

Aren't those hills just singing to you?!  And the saguaros!  They don't have plants like that where I come from!  Heck they don't have anything like any of this where I come from!

Like I said.  In.  Love.

These pictures are from a little pit stop we made on the way out of Mesa to take a glance around and see if maybe there was a tarantula that wanted to come home with us and be the prize of the collection for having been the wild-caught.  There wasn't.  But we did get this family photo instead.

SO.  In.  Love.


Danielle said...

Oh, but Kansas has the famous Genoa Tower. If you haven't been there, you're missing out! :) (I think I blogged about sometime in April/May of 2007)

Danielle said...

Here's the linky-dink!

Danielle said...

On closer inspection, all my pictures in that post are gone! What the heck, Blogger?

Kristina said...

LOL I guess I'm spoiled because I look at these pictures and see BROWN!

But I grew up here

Though I do actually love the landscape in parts of UT and AZ. Very pretty geological stuff.

My geology teacher had LOTS of jokes about kansas :)

I guess the blank and white - color thing in wizard of oz was kind of a good metaphor for Kansas. lol