Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kendra's Wish

Since we told Kendra that we are having another baby, she has been very persistent about her desire that this baby is a girl.  In fact, she announced that it definitely was a girl as soon as we told her I was pregnant.

At first it was sweet but after a while, I got a little nervous because she didn't seem to understand that we don't really get to chose.  But hey, we still had a 50/50 shot so I didn't worry too much.  And if it was a boy, we had months to let her wrap her brain around it--she's a pretty smart and capable girl.

So when she got home from school today, I showed her the pictures from the ultrasound I had while she was gone...

I think she approves...  :)


Danielle said...

LOL! How about Kendra2? She is so adorable! And I am so excited for her to get a baby sister. It makes Charlotte so excited whenever I put L in an outfit that Charlotte used to wear. They are bonding already. :)

D said...

I didn't realize you were pregnant! Congratulations. That is so exciting.